Victoria AlAmu

Victoria AlAmu


I’m Victoria!

I’m 15 years old! I’ve always loved art in elementary school but never thought about it on any serious level.

However, when my mother started homeschooling me at age 10, and we were researching different curriculums, I first thought to look on Netflix to see if there were any shows about art. It was then I came across Bob Ross’s show The Joy of Painting. I was very captivated at first simply by the catchy theme song and his soft spoken voice. I’d never seen art taught in a step by step style before and just loved how simple Bob made it look. By the end of his show, I was blown away by the beautiful world of nature he created with some basic paint brushes. I knew then, I wanted to explore acrylic painting and make it a part of my homeschooling. 

I looked up tutorials on YouTube and found The Art Sherpa. My wonderful mom bought all of the supplies I needed and I started watching her basic step by step tutorials. After just a couple of paintings in, I really fell in love. I was learning so fast. Faster than I thought I would. My mom says she always saw the creative and entrepreneur in me. 

I really started to advance in the basics and continued to explore what I wanted to create. As I started ruining the kitchen table with paint stains, it was becoming even more obvious that my love for art should become a business.


With the help of my family, (particularly my brother) Visually Intelligent Creations (V.I.C) was born.   My mom started a Facebook fan page for me and I began to sell my art. 


I want to continue art as a career choice in my adult years. I always try to remind myself that I’m doing this because I love it. I want to show the world my creativity and all of the beautiful visual creations I see around me and in my mind.


Thank you so much for stopping by!